December 2, 2009

Trustport Antivirus USB/U3 Edition free for 6 months

If you worry about viruses or losing data when using your USB device (pen drive) on different computer, the best and easiest solution is using an USB Antivirus.
But there are no such a good, free USB antivirus is available, you need to pay to get a good one. Trustport Antivirus USB/U3 Edition is one of the best in this category and under a promotion you can get a full functional USB Antivirus free for 6 months.

Trustport Antivirus USB edition prevents malicious codes to be copied onto the flash disk, enables scanning of the host computer. It allows encryption of files to prevent unauthorized access; it brings reliable shredding of unused private data. It doesn’t require hard drive installation.

Just follow below link and fill-up the form (you should give other three email addresses
of your family members) and submit to get your license key.

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