December 2, 2009

Steps to Protect exe Files from Viruses

Anti Virus is a great protection tool to safeguard our computer and files against the virus but these are not 100% efficient in use and also they require periodic updating of the virus definitions.

Here is a free, simple yet powerful tool that can protect your files and folders especially the executable exe files against the viruses. The tool is called PE Guard and keeps running in the background in the system tray without consuming much of the memory space.

The tool can be chosen to run in wither normal Guard mode or the Power Guard mode. As the name suggests, Power Guard mode is more powerful and protects the computer and files better. It can detect and thus protect when the virus is trying to replicate itself in the system and when it is trying to infect the system exe or sys files.

The tool is free and what’s more it do not require any update of the definitions like the Anti Virus software.

Download PE Guard

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