December 2, 2009

How Backup Your Windows Driver-DriverMax

DriverMax can solve your Windows Driver Problems

Windows Driver Problem Solved: After a windows reinstallation the user need to find all the Drivers Discs or search the entire internet for compatible version of Drivers. This Driver hunting process is always been a hard time for a windows user. To solve this problem you need to use the all in one Driver Solution tool DriverMax. DriverMax is a new tool that allows you to Backup your Drivers and downloads the latest Drivers updates for your computer.

No more searching for rare Drivers on Discs or on the internet. Just create Driver Backup before the windows installation, DriverMax will analyze your system and save all the Drivers in a folder. After windows installation, install DriverMax first & run it, then click on Import Drivers and point to the folder containing your saved drivers. DriverMax will start your driver installation process.

Note: Free registration required after 30 days. DriverMax works on Windows Vista & Windows XP


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