January 1, 2010

How to Fix Acess Denied Error in Windows Vista

 In Windows Vista when you try to open certain folders you get "Access Denied" error. Windows gives this error because you don't have the ownership of the file by default instead the system has the ownership. 
 So you are not allowed to open the folders. One such folder is "Documents and Settings" folder.Now in order to access the contents of these folders you need to take full ownership of them. 

 Steps to Fix Acess Denied Error in Windows Vista

  1. Right click on the folder you want to take ownership of then go to properties.
  2. Now click on the Security tab and then move to the Advanced tab at the bottom.
  3. Now again select the Owner tab in the next windows. There you will see the current owner and also other owners that can be assigned to that folder.
    Now click on the Edit button. In the next windows that comes up select your username in the 'Change owner to' field. If you see the Replace owner of subcontainers and objects option then select  it.

  4. Now click Apply and OK on all the dialog boxes that are open. That's it you have taken the ownership of all the contents of the that particular folder.
Sometimes you still get the Access Denied error to some folders within restricted folder. Just follow the same procedure to take the ownership of that folder also.

Now you can access all your files.

Cool Peculiar Wood Mouse Released

This computer mouse is so cool, from design, idea and comfort. The main idea is the combination of two materials with different qualities and texture: warm pliable wood and cold hard metal. 

  Exterior of the mouse corresponds to the qualities of the materials: based on hard metallic frame, a kind of skeleton, which houses electronic plate, buttons and drive of the rolling wheel.

The design consider that the objects of our environment, that can be really comfortable, pleasant and friendly to our eye, look like this; we would be happy to own and work with this nice and original instrument. 


Designed by Andrey Chirkov, the mouser (that how the mouse is called I suppose) is made in two materials with different qualities and texture. Not made for serial production initially, therefore we have no details on the price of the mouse.