January 7, 2010

Watch High Quality TV Online- For Windows&Mac

Watching TV online is nowadays the sweetest thing we can get from the internet in the entertainment area. Thousands of people from day to day search for a better way to watch TV online.  There are many software that provides paid TV service, but what is provided by TVUPlayer, which is a freeware, will likely to grab your attention. 

TVUPlayer is a free program developed by TVU networks. It works for Windows 2000, XP or Vista with Windows Media Player version 9+ and also for MacOSX 10.5.x. TVU Player leverages P2P TV streaming, so the video quality is better if there are more users watching the same channel.

 Download TVUPlayer to watch high quality TV online

How Recover Deleted Files from USB Flash Drive-IBin

Normally right-clicking the files within the recycle bin, we can easily restore them back to their original location. Unfortunately, it not possible incase of USB Flash drives. These files are never dumped into the recycle bin when you delete them. Usually, we use a third-party recovery program to recover those lost files. Here is a cool program iBin.

Steps to recover deleted files from USB flash drive with iBin

iBin isn’t a recovery program. It is a recycle bin created specifically for USB flash drive. With this, you now have option to dump the files into the recycle bin in case you need to restore them back.

 Step.1:After downloading iBin extract it, you need to copy it into your USB drive. Then double-click the exe file to install the program. It will immediately sit in the system tray monitoring any delete action performed in the USB drive. 
Everytime you delete a file from the USB drive, iBin replaces the default delete confirmation dialog with this one below:

Make sure that you select the “Dump into iBin” when you delete files. Then, if you need to get them back, click the icon that sits in the tray.
Step 2.Highlight the files that you want to restore, then hit the “Recycle Data Selected” button. That’s it.

There are hotkeys as well to simplify the deletion task:
  • Win + Del to directly dump the selected files.
  • Win + E to instantly erase the selected files.
  • Win + BackSpace to undo the last dumping action.
You can also set the limit of the space used for the recycle bin. Additionally, there is an auto cleaner feature that lets the program automatically cleans the files within. You still be able to delete the files manually if you want it that way, though.

 iBin works under all Windows versions. It’s free and you can download it from here.