December 2, 2009

How to Remove Dangerous ACC1.exe Virus-Fix

The ACC.exe virus installer connects to remote IRC server, by creating auto dialer in network connections with the name like a-connect,z-connect, and disconnects user dialup connections it may further download more harmful files from the internet. A good firewall can make your computer much safer by detecting such harmful activities and blocking them.

It creates the file Acc1.exe on the infected computer. You need to search and delete it. You should end any running process named Acc1.exe from Task Manager, and also remove the file's entry from windows startup.

Some good freeware recommendations would be ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, and Comodo Internet Security Free Edition (you can choose to install just the firewall from their security suite)

Steps To remove Acc1.exe
These are the files created by this virus installer



C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\update.exe (And also creates dial up connection automatically-Like a-connect,z-connect,You can check in Network Connection

The following directories were created by the virus

  • c:\ACC1
  • c:\ACC1\F1C1
Sometimes you will not be able to delete a file even if you find it, in that case you should boot in safe mode and then try to delete it/ them. 

Before you could delete Acc1.exe and its associated files you need to search for them, and before doing that you need to enable to view hidden files and folders .
  1. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del --->Go to Process --->end Explorer.exe
  2. Go to Run Type CMD
  3.  C:\Documents and Settings\Shree> Type cd\ Hit Enter
  4.  C:\> Type attrib -h -r -s ACC1 Hit Enter
  5.  C:\> Type Del ACC1 then it ask for delete confirmation Press Y
  6.  C:\> Type attrib -h -r -s F1C1 Hit Enter
  7.  C:\> Type Del F1C1 then it ask for delete confirmation Press Y 
  8.  Type Exit.
Go to File and Click Run in task manager Type C: you will know return to desktop.then open C drive look for ACC1 and F1C1 folders Delete it.

Restart the PC.

Now Virus Should be gone!
Some time it Modifies Registry or Creates following registry keys
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{67KLN5J0-4OPM-61WE-KKX2-457QWE23218}
You need to delete them manually or you can use Registry Cleaners Like CCleaner or GlaryUtilities
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  1. This is great! It works for me. By the way you need to do this in safe mode to delete the ACC1 virus completely, if not this will not work. Thanks a lot!

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