January 17, 2010

German Government warns against using MS Explorer

According to German Government Internet Explorer 6,7,8 failed to protect security,So it warned the web users to find alternative to Internet Explorer. 
This warning comes after to the Microsoft admitted IE was the weak link in recent attacks on Google's systems from hackers. But Microsoft rejected this warning, saying that recent new versions of Internet Explorers are increased security features preventing from serious risk.
However, German authorities say that even this would not make IE fully safe. 
Microsoft said that while all versions of Internet Explorer were affected, the risk was lower with more recent releases of its browser. [Credit:BBC News Daniel Emery]

"We've been working to analyse the malware that the Chinese are using. But new versions can always be created," said Mr Cluley.
"We've been working with Microsoft to see if the damage can be mitigated and we are hoping that they will release an emergency patch.
"One thing that should be stressed is that every browser has its security issues, so switching may remove this current risk but could expose you to another." 

So one thing is cleared that The other problem facing developers is that the possible risk might not be prevented by anti-virus software, even when recently updated.

Now Microsoft may thinking about new Internet  browsers which offers full security to users in future. I think  every browser has its own  limitations,so user must careful against security attacks from hackers.

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