December 2, 2009

Steps to Remove Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk] Virus And ur0 Virus

Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk], harmful Virus, this virus normally slowdowns your system and interferes with system process.
Symptoms of this virus attack:
• Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk] virus infection notice by your Antivirus.
• Resides in file which happens to be a virus itself.
• Also resides in System Volume Information folder.
• May also prevent double click opening of a drive.

Steps to remove Win32:Rootkit-gen[Rtk] Virus
• The only reason why this virus infects the PC again is that, it has been saved in the System Restore files.
• So turn off the System Restore now (Right click on My Computer-> Properties-> System Restore tab-> click on Turn off System Restore on all drives).
• Reboot the PC to let the restore files to get deleted.
• Now just turn on the system restore.
The virus has been removed!!

Steps to remove virus
• Run Task Manager, End the process, if any.
• Go to Start click on run type msconfig,click on startup disable unnecessary application along with .
• Reboot into safe mode, search the file,from windows search tool and remember to include hidden files option as well.
• Permanently delete the files found.

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