December 11, 2009

New Samsung bada OS for Mobile-Released in UK

Samsung have announced the badaOS for their mobile phones. It will be a replacement to the Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms. The name “bada” is derived from a Korean word signifying “ocean”. The name was chosen as it represents the endless possibilities with the OS.

Samsung bada is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices.
Right now no further information on the platform is available. Sasmung only gives us a sneak peek and slight info at an official site.

The official announcement should be in December when Samsung will officially launch the OS along with the SDK.
Samsung's new mobile internet-based handset operating system (OS) has been officially released in the UK.

The manufacturer has launched the development kit for the open source platform, which will enable consumers around the world to create applications for the OS.

Known as bada, which means ocean in Korean, the technology will allow developers to make mobile internet apps which utilise handset functions like making calls, sending text messages and access contacts lists.

Dr Hosoo Lee, the company's executive vice president and head of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics, remarked that the OS could help it to become "a true leader in the mobile industry".

He added: "Samsung bada presents a powerful opportunity for developers to get their applications onto an unprecedented number of Samsung devices across the world."

His comments come after Justin Hong, president of engineering for the platform, told TechRadar that the exclusively touchscreen-based technology will support both multi-point and single-point contact.

How popular will bada be?

Here’s the link to the official site

Skype 4.2 beta for Windows adds call transfer, Chrome browser plugin

Skype has released a new beta version of its internet communication client. Skype 4.2 beta for Windows includes a number of minor improvements and a couple of major new features including the ability to transfer calls.

You can transfer calls to any of your Skype contacts for free. You'll have to pay SkypeOut rates if you transfer a call to a mobile phone or landline.

There's also a call quality indicator, improved functionality with the Winodws 7 taskbar and system tray, and improvements to the contact importing utility. Now that the Google Chrome web browser supports plugins, Skype has also added a Chrome plugin to its list of browser tools. Firefox and Internet Explorer plugins were already available.

In other news, Skype also introduced a beta version of its chat and VoIP client for Symbian smartphones today. The software supports a number of Nokia phones running Symbian Series 60 software. You'll need 6MB of free space on your phone to install Skype for Symbian.

The Symbian client supports Skype to Skype calling, receiving calls at your Skype number, making SkypeOut calls, instant messaging, and sending and receiving data. Skype for Symbian works over WiFi or 3G data connections, but it'll eat up a fair bit of bandwidth so it might be cheaper just to make old fashioned phone calls on your mobile plan unless you have an unlimited bandwidth plan.

Download now Skype Beta 4.2 for Windows

How to Connect Two Computers Without a Router

Let’s assume you have two computers at home and you want to connect them together so that you can easily share an internet connection between the two machines or transfer photos, music and other files from one computer to another. How do you do this?

Connect Two Computers Directly

There are two options – you can either buy a router or, if you are looking for something more simple and don’t want to spend money on new networking hardware, you can connect the two computers using a commonly-available cable. The latter method doesn’t involve any complicated network settings and you will still be able to share files, internet connection, and even printers between computers.
Things you need:
To set up this basic wired home network, all you need is an inexpensive Ethernet crossover cable and the other requirement is that network cards* (also known as LAN or Ethernet cards) should be installed on each of you computers.
[*] This should not be an issue because network cards are available on most newer machines by default but if you are working with a very old computer, you can either attach an internal LAN card to your computer’s motherboard or go for a USB Network adapter that will turn a USB port into an Ethernet (RJ45) port.

An Ethernet crossover cable looks like a standard Ethernet cable but the internal wiring is a little different. You can purchase crossover cables at or from your local computer store. If you have trouble finding them, you can purchase an inexpensive crossover adaptor and that will let you use any standard Ethernet cable as a crossover cable.

Connect Computers with an Ethernet Crossover Cable

Before connecting the two computers with a physical cable, make sure that both machine are using the same workgroup*. Here is step-by-step guide that explains how you can change the workgroup of your computers.
Changing workgroup in Windows XP – From the Start menu, right-click “My Computer.” Select Properties in the drop-down menu, and then select the second tab that says “Computer Name” from the System Properties window. Now click the “Change…” button, enter a unique Workgroup name and reboot your computer.

Changing workgroup in Windows 7 or Vista – Open the Control Panel, type “Workgroup” in the search box, and select the entry that says “Change Workgroup Name.” Click the “Change…” button, enter a Workgroup name and restart the computer. Windows 7 users can skip one step; simply type “Workgroup” in the search box in the start menu, and select the first entry, then proceed as above.

Now that the workgroups are same for both computers, connect the two computers together using the Ethernet crossover cable. Simply plug-in one end of the crossover cable into the network adapter of Computer A and connect the other end of the cable to the network adapter of Computer B.
Windows will automatically recognize the new network, and you can now easily view files and folder that the other computer has shared. Simply open Networks from the Start Menu (or the Control Panel), and you should see the other computer by its name. You can then browse any shared files on the other computer, and can even utilize shared printers.
Troubleshooting – If you do not see the other computer under Networks, you probably have a prompt at the top of your Network window saying that Network discovery is turned off (screenshots below). Select “Turn on Network Discovery and File Sharing.” In the next prompt, select “No, make the network I am connected to a private network.” Now you should see the other computer on the home network.

While it is possible to share files between two computers connected with a crossover cable without making them part of the same workgroup, the method will only work if both computers have this network set as a private network, and may still cause problems. It is therefore advisable to have both computers on the same workgroup before sharing files and printers.

Share an Internet Connection Between Two Computers

There are scenarios where you may want to share the same internet connection between two computers. For instance:
Situation A - You have setup a Wi-Fi network at home but your old desktop computer doesn’t have a wireless network card. In that case, you can use the laptop to connect to the internet wirelessly and then share that same connection with the desktop over a crossover Ethernet cable.

Situation B – You have a netbook with a built-in cellular data connection. You can share that connection with any another computer at home through the crossover Ethernet cable.

Situation C – You use a (slow) Wireless USB modem with your laptop computer while your desktop is connected to an ADSL Broadband line and there’s no router at home. For any bandwidth intensive tasks, like when you want to backup photos from your laptop to an online service, you can connect the laptop to the desktop and things will happen much faster.
OK, let’s look at the steps required for sharing an Internet connection.
First, if you only wish to share internet connection and not files, both computers need not belong to the same workgroup. All you need to do is to connect the two computers with the Ethernet crossover cable, and then turn on Internet connection sharing in the computer that already has an Internet connection. The instructions vary for different versions of Windows:

For Windows XP – Select “Network and Internet Connections” from the Control Panel and click “Network Connections.”

Right-click on the network connection you wish to share (the one connected to the internet), select Properties, click on the “Advanced” tab, and then check the box that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.” Click OK, and the second computer that you have connected to this computer with the Crossover Cable should have internet access now.

For Windows 7 and Vista – Open Control Panel, enter “network connections” in the search box on the top right and select “View Network Connections.”

Right-click on the network connection you wish to share (this must be the one connected to the internet) and select Properties. Select the "Sharing" tab and then check the option that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.” Click OK, and the other computer you have connected to this Windows 7 or Vista computer should have internet access now.

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50+ Free Popular Classified Sites for free Advertising

Classified sites are really great money saver and you can contact directly your audience. You can save lots of money by using free classifieds and now you can buy and sell almost anything on classified sites, searching a job, a life partner for long or short term relation everything is on your finger tip.

In India classified site are more popular than social networking sites. Every day more and more people are now using free classified to reach their audience or buy/sell anything.
Most of classified sites allow you to send free classifieds.
In this post I have included more than 55 classified sites and on every site you can post free ads but how longer and how many I don’t know. A few of sites don’t need sign up. Some sites are already on Top and some are emerging.

(2) Olx
(3) Click

(4) Vivastreet

(5) Mybandra
(6) Indialist

(7) Locanto
(8) Quikr
(10) Ivarta
(13) Craigslist
(14) Ddoos
(15) Khojle
(16) Adeex
(17) Kugli
(18) Localindya
(19) Goforads
(20) Bechna
(21) Indiagrid
(23) Adpost
(24) Meramaal
(25) Indnav
(26) Indiaboard
(27) Rediff

(28) Sify

(29) Ibibo
(30) Khrido
(31) Adsmantra
(32) Sulekha

(33) Classifieds

(35) Droik
(36) Yoindian
(40) Dragg
(41) Muamat
(42) Indiabook
(43) Mid-day
(44) Loyalmart
(47) Indiaza
(49) Boostim
(50) Indya
(56) Fyndin
(57) Rajb2b

(58) Bupio

Strange Onkyo DX1007A5 dual screen netbook‎-Launched

At first glance, you probably think this is the Kohjinsha dual screen netbook, but it’s really a similar offer from Onkyo, the DX1007A5. So although the price of Onkyo is more expensive, it seems that Kohjinsha has no monopoly of the dual screen netbook. You will pay $950 for this netbook, so it’s up to you whether you prefer the other dual screen netbook. The specifications of the DX1007A5 include:

  • 2 sliding LCD screens of 10.1″ (1366×768 pixels)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Hard drive of 320GB
  • Athlon Neo MV-40 processor (1.6GHz)
  • Radeon HD 3200 graphics card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1.3 megapixel webcam
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

Easily Change LoginScreen With Thoosje Windows 7 Loginscreen Editor

Thoosje Windows 7 loginscreen editor is a free tool for changing Windows 7 login screen. It comes with a library of free login screen background images and you can also use your own images for login screen.

The program has a built-in function for controlling the image size limit (246KB) of login screen, so you can use any image as background.

Moreover you can reverse the settings back to the previous or the original loginscreen at anytime just with a click.

Download Thoosje Windows 7 loginscreen editor.

Download 15 new popular official themes, wallpaper and desktop gadgets for Windows 7

Microsoft has made available few more
themes for Windows 7 that you can downloaded from the Windows 7 theme page.

A theme includes a desktop background, screen saver, window border color, and sound scheme.

To download a theme, just visit the official theme page click the Download button, and then click Open. The theme is applied to your desktop and added to Personalization in Control Panel.

You can also download wallpapers and desktop gadgets for Windows 7 from the theme page.

Download Cool National Geographic Theme for Windows 7

To spice up your Windows 7 desktop, here is a new theme pack compiled from high quality National Geographic photographs.

The National Geographic Theme for Windows 7 consists of 12 select wallpapers from the Official National Geographic Wallpaper Website released in 2007, 2008 & 2009. Interested users can download it free from here

Official Windows 7 themes can be downloaded from Microsoft’s personalization gallery. Users who want to create their own Windows 7 theme this tutorial may help.

Users who want to download National Geographic wallpapers, this wallpaper downloader specially designed for downloading wallpaper from Nat Geo website can help.