November 27, 2009

HP Universal Print Driver – Single Driver for HP Printers

Lost your HP Laserjet Printers Driver. give solution without downloading separate, product-specific drivers for your HP Laserjet Printer. The driver support fot most HP Laserjet device and now includes basic printing capability for non supported device such as non HP printers.

How it work. When the driver installed, the driver communicates with each HP device and automatically customize the user inerface for each device’s unique feature.

Feature of HP Universal Print Driver

  • Single Driver for all network printers
  • Simplifies and improves printing for users
  • Improves deployment and installation for printers
  • Driver management is simple with a single-driver solution.
  • And more, read here

the latest version of HP Universal Print Driver is Version 5.0 when I post this article.

Download the newest release of the Universal Print Driver from HP Webiste.


Convert Docx to Doc Format Online for free

If you are the user of Office 2007. Love to work! you must know about the Extension of 'docx' which only opened in Office 2007. I troubled in my final project when i had to submit the soft copy but this was my bad luck, this was in the "docx" format. thank i know the solution , how to open this?

Create your own blog logo using

Usually the logo embedded in header of blog, but not all blogger can create a logo for own blog. In we can create a logo for free in PNG image format. following the free computer courses logo that created in

  • Open
  • Type word or phrase to be create logo then click generate button and then the logo will be create automatically.
  • Click option to change the logo setting. In the option you can change font size, font type, color and other.
  • Click download button to download the logo.

How Add Google Talk Badge to Your Blog

A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you. But the google talk badget not use animation picture like badge on Yahoo Messenget, it only show text with callouts like this:

How to get google talk badge

It easy, Goto Google Talk Badge Official Site then with your google account. copy and paste the HTML code in the below of page into your web page or blog. If the site that hosts your web page does not support direct HTML editing or embedded frames then click ‘Edit’ to select a style of badge that does not use frames.

Google Talk

How to add the badge code to your blog

For Blogspot, after login to your blogspot account goto your blog layout then in ad a widget Choose HTML/JavaScript and enter the code.

For Wordpress, Login tou your wordpress blog in the appearance click widget, ad a text widget, edit then enter the code. (your wordpress themes must widget ready, if no, add the code manually)

How to speed up PC-Download speed It Up

Speed It Up is a free program designed to improve the performance of your computer by optimizing several caches, auto-recovering RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings. Automatic Speed Up makes it suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts. SpeedItUp will speed up any computer system. It works by using New Hard-Disk optimization technology that allows your computer to read data in some cases up to 300% faster from your Hard Drive.

Speed It Up will ensures that no recovery happens if you are working on an important task (like video editing software or a full screen game)and do not want to be disturbed. It will wait until the job is done and perform the recovery thereafter. Since the recovery happens earlier as usual your system will have free RAM left for a much longer time.

How to use Speed It Up?

Speed It Up is very easy to use. Just one simple button click and your computer will be stable and fast. Speed It Up keep watching your computer RAM and knows what the right time to recover it for you. Here how to use Speed It Up:

  • Run Speed It Up.
  • Click on the “Speed Computer Now” Button, to start immediately speeding up your computer. That’s it.

With SpeedItup you’ll be able to make your PC become faster and more reliable. Click following link to download SpeedItup Free version.