December 4, 2009

Mega icon collection - 2 (2500 free icons)

Here is another great looking huge list of commercially free icons for your design works. All these icons are free for personal and commercial use and don’t require a back-links or credit to the author. Usually these types of icons can be tough to find. is the right place for finding such commercially free icons.

You can download more than 2500 different category icons directly from (See here for 7500 free icons for all of your projects)[via].

New View of Orkut

Orkut Has changed its site's view.

1.First Login to your
Orkut account.
2.In your Orkut account You will Find links as below

3.Now the new version of orkut will be loaded, view its preview as below

4. Here's your New View Of ORKUT.
5. Enjoy The Orkut with ease of use.

How to Browse Offiline Gmail- Interesting

You need to see your gmail account for some previous important mail, but u dont havean internet connection.

Now gmail provides gmail offline service to its users.
ie. you can view your previous mails in your gmail account even with out connecting to internet.

Now How to do that?
lets see it step by step.

1.login to your gmail account
2.Now You are logged in.
3.Now click on the settings link at the top left corner of the page

4. Now Your setting page is displayed, now click on the labs tab link provided.

5. Now This is the preview of the labs tab, now enable the offline option in the labs and save the settings.

6. Now click on the offline tab provided.

7. You can set preferences to your mails to be selected that you wish to see when u are offline. ie. you can select the inbox, draft, trash and the labels also.

8. You should download an application which will be prompted while doing this process.
The application is GearsSetup.

9. After completing all the process you find a synchronization icon before your settings link,
click on the link for synchronization process. The gmail synchronizes the mails in your gmail account and downloads the mails to your PC. After the Synchronization is completed you can view your gmail account offline with all the mails downloaded.
The synchronization process is displayed at the provided synchronization Icon.

So login to your account and perform the offline process and enjoy buddies....
Be in touch and Please comment to the posts and let me know your views so that i can help you in providing more information.

What is Torrent or Bitorrent

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer sharing communication protocol, BitTorrent Inc. is an American corporation who develops internet content distribution technology based on BitTorrent protocol

What is BitTorrent client.

BitTorrent client is a software which manages download and upload using BitTorrent Protocol
Few most common clients are:-

What is BitTorrent tracker

A BitTorrent tracker is a server which assist in communication between peers which uses BitTorrent protocol.

How BitTorrent works

BitTorrent works in a system of give and take policy, you may need to provide more files to the system so that you can download more files faster. BitTorrent stores the meta data of files in a .torrent file. So when you need to download a file, first you have to download the .torrent file which help the torrent client to identify the computers which have requested files and it download it from multiple computers. The computer which have the complete file is called as seed. Multiple seeds may be participating in single download , so that no single computer will be overloaded and download speed will be much faster.

BitTorrent terms

* Leeches – People who download files but do not share files on their own computer with others
* Seed – A computer with a complete copy of a BitTorrent file (At least one seed computer is necessary for a BitTorrent download to operate.)
* Swarm – A group of computers simultaneously sending (uploading) or receiving the same file
* .torrent – A pointer file that directs your computer to the file you want to download
* Tracker – A server that manages the BitTorrent file-transfer process

Is BitTorrent legal ?

Using BitTorrent is perfectly legal, but when you select a file to download make sure you are not downloading any copyrighted information or materials.BitTorrent downloads are not anonymous; information about your computer’s IP address and the files you download can be traced back to you.

Useful Links

BitTorrent Protocol Specification
BitTorrent FAQ

Download Google chrome OS USB version and virtual machine

It was always exciting to hear news from Google labs , last great news was about Google chrome OS , Google Chrome OS is based on chromium project which is is an open source project. This OS is been developed for the techies who spend most of the time on Internet. This OS is developed for this internet era.

Google Chrome OS Diet USB Version

Google Chrome OS Diet USB Version (Link II)

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Now Available for Download

f you have uploaded to Windows 7 recently, you might be looking to re-install your Office software or the free Open Office software.

Microsoft recently announced Office 2010 with a ton of new features. Now, the first public beta of Microsoft Office 2010 is available as a free download.

Since this is a Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus edition, you also get to try Publisher and Infopath 2010. Here is the fill list of software you can try with this edition

  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • InfoPath
  • Sharepoint Workspace
  • Communicator

When you try to install Microsoft Office 2010 beta, you can choose to upgrade your current install or choose to customize and choose to install it alongside your current install.

The beta versions don’t expire until October 2010 so you have a while to use this software legally for free.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

You do need to register and receive an activation key to use the beta versions. Plus, there is also the Office 2010 for Mobile for Windows phones now.

If you don’t want to try a beta or pay an arm and a leg for Microsoft Office, I highly recommend you consider the free and open source alternative - Open Office.

Steps to Setup Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts?

Google does a lot of things right and Google Analytics that help monitor your website traffic is definitely one among them.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful website statistics gathering application. If you run a website(s), you are probably using Google Analytics to measure your site traffic.

Google Analytics just added a cool new beta feature – Analytics Intelligence.

Analytics Intelligence constantly monitors your website traffic for you and it automatically creates alerts for in intelligence reports if something significant happens with the website traffic.

Analytics Intelligence is powered by a sophisticated algorithmic intelligence engine that detects any anomalies in traffic patterns. It’s supposedly smart enough to spot a part of a larger trend that could be hard to detect.

You can see this action under the Intelligence (beta) tab in the left hand side. You might have noticed it already as it just came into my account in the past week but I just got a chance to investigate it.

You can set up your own custom alerts for changes that you want to detect. Like changes in pageviews, visitors, bounce rates, new visitors, etc by day, week or month.

You can also copy existing templates to quickly create your own custom templates. If you have setup goals to track your landing page conversions, you can also setup alerts to get notified of sudden changes in goal conversions.

You could opt to receive alerts via email or you can just login to your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics has been a reliable source of my website stats and it’s great to see improvements being made to this already valuable free resource.

You can also change the alert sensitivity via a slider if it gets too annoying to see too many alerts or increase it if you like seeing them.

Steps to Download HD video from YouTube

There are several ways and free tools are available for downloading videos from YouTube. YouTube Downloader HD is a similar tool, but the main distinguishing feature is that you can download High Quality videos and High Definition videos from YouTube.

The program is simple to use. After installation, just copy video URL from the web browser and paste to Youtube Downloader HD. Select a video format (FLV, MP4 high quality or avi HD) and choose a directory to save the video.

Features: Easy to use: just copy video URL from your web browser and paste to

Youtube Downloader HD

. No need to use scripts or browser plug-ins, Convert downloaded video to various formats, Download Youtube High Definition videos (available on certain videos) and Support for big video files.

How to mount ISO files with DAEMON Tools

In this article you will learn how to mount disk images like ISO files with DAEMON Tools. A lot of stuff you can download from the Internet nowadays comes in a disc image format like ISO or similar. Basically, it’s a single file that contains the complete image of a disc. Most people know that you can burn these disc images on a CD or DVD, but there is also the possibility to mount these files in a virtual drive on your computer without wasting a blank CD.

How DAEMON Tools works

DAEMON Tools basically creates one or more virtual drives and enables you to open and use your disc image in it. It’s just like putting a CD/DVD in your optical drive, same functionality.

There is a free version of DAEMON Tools that is more than enough for the average user, download the latest version. Be sure to uncheck the toolbar option during the installation, that’s just an unnecessary advertising plugin for your browser.

DAEMON Tools supports the following image file formats: cue/bin, iso, ccd (CloneCD), bwt (Blindwrite), mds (Media Descriptor File), cdi (Discjuggler), nrg (Nero), pdi (Instant CD/DVD) and b5t (BlindWrite 5).

Of course, this is Windows software, Macs and Linux operating systems have the mount feature built-in, no extra software needed.

How to mount ISO files

After installation, you need an image of a CD/DVD. To demonstrate the functionality I will use an Ubuntu CD image with comes as an ISO file.

First, you should see a new icon in in the system tray, right-click it.

To mount our ISO file, click “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM”, then on the first menu point, in my case “Device 0: [ E: ] No Media”. That’s how your virtual drive is called where the image will be mounted. Finally, click on “Mount image” to select the file.

Awesome, it works! Now you can do stuff with this drive just like with any normal optical drive.

To unmount the image, simply go back to the menu again and click on “Unmount image”.

That’s it, very easy procedure. All in all, DAEMON Tools is a light weight and easy to use program that I recommend from personal experience at home and work. Go, get it!

Steps to increase speed of Internet Connection with TweakMaster

TweakMaster automatically optimize and speed up any type of Internet connection. TweakMaster can substantially improve download speeds for all types of connections from dial-up to DSL, Cable, and Wireless. TweakMaster work for every Windows version from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

On the TweakMaster website there are two version of Tweak Master: TweakMaster Free and TweakMaster Pro version. The difference between TweakMaster pro and TweakMaster free edition, on tweak master pro there are two additional features are LinkFox and DU meter. LinkFox is web accelerator for Internet Explorer and DU Meter provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer’s network connection at any given moment.

How to Tweak and Optimize your Internet Connection using this Software?

It’s easy. You can optimize your connection automatically, using the Connection Optimization Wizard, or manually, using the Advanced Optimization Settings dialog box. The choice is yours, but we highly recommend trying the wizard first, and moving to more advanced optimizations only after you have read this documentation.

For detail info about TweakMaster and download TweakMaster free edition browse to or you want TweakMaster Pro full version you can buy.

Get free version