November 19, 2009

Microsoft has started bugging the users of non genuine copies of Windows. If you are also running a non genuine or pirated copy of Windows then there is a full chance of you getting this notification one day or the other.

The problem was reported by one of our viewers that when she updated her copy of Windows with Windows Update then her system started showing this notification that reads “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting” and “This copy of windows does not pass genuine Windows validation.

These notifications start coming back again after some time and do not feel good. Though I never encourage piracy but here is how you can remove this problem:

1. Before doing anything serious try restoring your system. If the problem is occurring after the Windows Update then System Restore will surely help.
2. But if it does not then do try this, launch Windows Task Manager.
3. Locate the process “wgatray.exe” and end it.
4. Log in into the Safe Mode and delete the file WgaTray.exe from c:\Window\System32
5. Also delete the WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32\dllcache
6. Type regedit in Run to open Registry Editor, navigate to 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify key.
7. Delete the folder WgaLogon and all of its contents.
8. Restart the PC normally.

Download this WGA remover tool called RemoveWGA.exe, just download it and run.

Windows 7 Shortcut keys

There are many computer users who prefer operating the computer through keyboard more often than using it with the Mouse. So if you also belong to this category or just wish to know the added keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7, then here is the info.

Here is a list of some useful and unknown Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

Key strokes used from Desktop

1. Windows Key + Tab = Aero (Switch windows using tab key)

2. Windows Key + F = Search (to search or find)

3. Windows Key + R = Run (to use Run box)

4. Windows Key + E = Explorer (Launches Explorer)

5. Windows Key + L = Lock (Locks the Computer)

6. Windows Key + X = Mobility Center

7. Windows Key + P = Projector

8. Windows Key + S = Launches the OneNote Screen Clipping Tool (yes it requires Office One Note)

9. Windows Key + D = Show and Hide Desktop

10. Windows Key + T = Cycle Super Taskbar Items

11. Windows Key + M = Minimize All Windows

12. Windows Key + Up = Maximize the opened Window

13. Windows Key + Down = Minimize the opened Window

14. Windows Key + Left = Tile Current Window to the Left

15. Windows Key + Right = Tile Current Windows to the Right

16. Windows Key + = = Magnifier

17. Windows Key + # = Quicklaunch

18. Ctrl + Alt + E = My Computer

19. Windows Key + 1 = Launches first application on taskbar (2 launches second, 3 launches third and so on)

Key strokes used from Explorer

1. Alt + Up = Go up one level

2. Alt + Left = Back

3. Alt + Right = Forward

While some of the shortcuts are similar to that present in XP, some are new and unknown.

Did I miss any shortcut you know? Share it with me.

Modify PDF Documents without Adobe Acrobat

Since Adobe PDF is an output format, you cannot edit or recreate the PDF file unless the source documents are available.

Agree, Adobe Acrobat does allow you apply numerous modifications to your existing PDF documents (like editing text, changing font attributes, inserting images and more), Acrobat is an extremely expensive software.

If you are on a budget and wish to edit PDF documents without Acrobat, the easiest option is to make edits in the original document itself and recreate the PDF using Google Docs or any of the free PDF writers. When that is is not an option because you don't have the PDF source files, the PDFill PDF Editor (link) can help you manipulate PDF documents though it may work with password protected PDFs.

edit pdf files

The PDF Editor is freeware and lets you make basic changes to PDF files - you can reorder the sequence of pages, crop a PDF page, add text information in header and footer, add image stamps or even merge multiple PDFs into one.

PDFill PDF editor is still limited like it won't let you edit that phone number or address in the PDF - another option is to download a trial version of Adobe Acrobat Professional - it works like a charm for 30 days.

How to Remove csrcs.exe or csrsc.exe Virus

This was the Error Message faced by one of our readers that when he boots the PC up, the CSRCS.exe error message comes up on the screen.

csrsc.exe is a process which is registered as W32.Spybot.CF Virus. DO NOT confuse it with csrss.exe which is an important file used by Windows. The attackers of this virus can access our computer and gain access to some important data remotely.

Steps to remove csrsc.exe virus:
1. Scan the system with a good and updated Anti Virus.
2. Open Task Manager, locate this exe (csrcs.exe or csrsc.exe but not csrss.exe), and kill the process.
3. Now type msconfig in the Run box, and then go to startup tab.
4. Locate this exe file, if any, and then remove it from there as well.
5. Now search the file in the C: drive.
6. Permanently delete the file (csrcs.exe or csrsc.exe only) from the computer.
7. Reboot the PC for changes to take place.

After doing the above steps, you need to clean the registry as well.
  1. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\
  2. On the right side, there is a key named “Shell”, it may be having a value “explorer.exe csrcs.exe”. Just modify it to delete the csrcs.exe from it (not explorer.exe). Restart the computer
The virus should have gone.

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How to remove regsvr.exe error from Startup>
There are so many types of computer viruses in this world that removing them and finding a specific solution for each of them is a big ask. One such virus  is regsvr.exe classified as a W32.Imaut worm.

 What the regsvr.exe virus?
• This worm creates folders and a registry entry to enable its automatic execution at every system startup.
• This worm also creates a scheduled task to enable its automatic execution at a specified date and/or time.
• It also creates Autorun.inf  file for its auto execution.

Steps to Fix regsvr.exe error from Startup

Step1:Click on Start menu and click on Run 

Step2. Type regedit in the Run dialog to open the registry editor.

Step3. Click on Edit -> Find and search for regsvr.exe

Step 4. Just delete all the occurrences of regsvr.exe virus (do not confuse it with regsvr32.exe which is not a virus).

Step 5. Navigate to entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and modify the entry Shell.

Step 6.Double Click the Shell registry value. You can find “Explorer.exe regsvr.exe” in the Value data field

Step 7: Delete regsvr.exe alone,not Explorer.exe and click OK 
N.B.: Make sure that you don’t delete Explorer.exe from the Shell registry.

 Step 7: Now the registry has been changed. Closed all programs and restart.

  After restart you can find that the message is no longer shown.

How to replace a Laptop Screen

How to take an LCD screen off of a laptop and reconnect a new one.
When the screen on a laptop breaks, it can be a very intimidating problem indeed for those who have never taken a laptop apart in the past before, In this Instructable i hope to dispel a part of that mystery in an effort to empower you so you can repair your own laptop next time it breaks.

Things you will need
a small phillips head Screw driver
a few small cups or containers (for the many screws on your laptop)
a small flat head screw driver (for the plastic clips on the top bezel)
and a Replacement screen ( the most expensive part, but if you look in craigslist you can get a broken laptop with a working screen fairly easy and replace your broken machine with the working parts from the other broken laptop) or you can go through your laptop manufacturer to order a new screen. (usually not cheap)
One more note. by perfoming these actions you will be voiding your warranty assuming you have any left on the machine. if you do have a warranty on the machine, just send it out to the Depot and get it fixed for free. if you have no more warranty then forget the above and get ready to get our hands dirty =D the laptops already broken any way what more can you do to it =P also, before touching any circuits or any thing its good to ground yourself to dispel any static electricity you may have on you. so touch some bare metal Or if you have it pull out your anti static strap and make good use of it.
step 1pulling screws

start by flipping your laptop over and Removing the Battery and every screw on the screen side of your laptop (remember to pull the screws that are hiding Under the battery as well)
Then you will remove a keyboard screw which is normally in the middle of the laptop (it will commonly have a small image of a keyboard near it to make things easier for you)
the last thing we will do is disconnect the Wireless antenna wires.
On the HP dv9000 series the wireless card is kept under the same plate as the Memory which makes things easy for us since it gives us a little more room.
locate which little plate is hiding your wireless card (it doesn't hurt to open them all up and see what's under them all any way since this is a learning experience)
once you have located the card with the black and antenna wires snaking away from it Note which wire goes to which side of the card (I'm not sure how important it is to re attache them properly since their just clipped wires and they don't close any circuit but its good to re attache things the right way the first time haha)
OK now were ready to go to the top side of the laptop.

step 2speaker bezel removal and annoying plastic clip step.

ok so with the computer off and battery pulled out of the unit, Press and hold the power button for 20 - 30 seconds to dispel any remaining power in the capacitors and then take the Speaker bezel off of the unit with your Flat head screw driver.
take your time and you wont break any of the plastic clips. we do want this unit to go back together when where done.

step 3screen screws and wires

Once you have removed the speaker bezel you will see (in my case) a total of 6 wires coming from the bottom of the screen and feeding into the laptop.

from left to right
Video cable, (the cable which controls all aspects of color and brightness on the lcd ..backlight and such) next will be 2 thin wires which control the 2 mics located by the webcam on this monitor
on the right side of the screen you have your wireless antenna wires and the webcam conroller wire, your replacement screen should have all of these in it already.
so you can simply disconnect the wires from the laptop and leave them attached to the screen.
if you do not have these wires coming from your new screen be concerned, you may have the wrong screen or simply a lesser model.
you can consider taking the laptop screen apart and running them up the sides (it can be quite a hassle unfortunately but is certainly do-able)
But back to it, go ahead and pull out the 2 - 3 or 4 screws connected to the Hinges of the laptop screen so you can lift it GENTLY from the laptop.
now with the monitor out of the way (but still tethered to the laptop through the antenna wires)
we can remove the Keyboard to do this, on the top of the keyboard you will notice 3 to 5 screws on the top of the keyboard go ahead and pull these and keep them seperate
(they will be a different color so they wont be to hard to keep seperate but it makes things easier if were dividing screws from the get go any way) then gently lift the keyboard slightly and pull upward (toward the screen) Then tip the keyboard so you can see underneath it and disconnect the cable attaching the keyboard to the laptop. dont be rough with this cable, it will only cause problems and more money if you break the keyboard cable while trying to fix your laptop screen... you might just throw the entire thing across the room in frustration =O haha we dont want that.

step 4snaking the antenna's

first thing you should notice after pulling the keyboard off is the track of the wireless antenna's
(its the only reason were going this deep atleast)
so go ahead and release the wires from their little track and clips, and then gently snake the antenna ends through the whole which allows them to connect to the wireless card on the bottom of the laptop. Be sure to remember how it snakes through if yours has any unexpected twists or hooks because you will need to put the new antenna wires back through this same way in a second.

step 5throwing it back together.

once you have got them out, go ahead and move your broken screen away, far away but dont trash it later, the components on it may still be usefull. then grab your new monitor and begin by snaking the wireless antenna wires back through and latching them into place. replace the Keyboard back in position, Don't forget to reconnect the wire under the keyboard.
screw that back into place. (this is where we start counting screws.. we dont want to have any left over so hopefully you did a good job remembering where they all go)
reattach the video, mic, and webcam wires to the laptop, then Screw the laptop hinges Back to the laptop. grab the laptop bezel, snap that unit back into place, and close the laptop, flip it over, and begin replacing all the screws... Do you have any left over? Congratulations you win!
lide that battery back into place (oh connect the wireless antenna wires if you havent, just press them back into their sockets) And thats all it takes, Your done and done. flip that sucker back on and see if you got swindled and bought another broken screen or if you forgot to hook up a wire properly =P haha if it turns on fine, you were successfull pat yourself on the back and wait for something else to break so you can take your new found confidence and fix her up again =D
hope you enjoyed my first instructable, hope to submit more and better ones in the future and i hope it was informative and helpful.

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