January 4, 2010

How to Add XML,HTML and JAVASCRIPT in Blogger Post as Plain Text

Add XML, HTML or JavaScript as a plain text in Blogger's post is very difficult task so many blogspot users, many bloggers still don't know why they are not able to post the html or java script codes in there blogger posts, Here is a Trick with simple mozilla addon which can help you to solve this problem with ease.

1. First You Have Firefox Browser and then Install Greasemonkey script on your Firefox browser with below link.
 Now Click on add to firefox and then install.
Restart the Firefox after successful installation of add on, and you will find the Monkey icon in bottom right corner of your firefox window. (Status Bar)

 2. Click on the below link and install the User script 'Blogger - HTML encode on post edit' to blogger.

The script will add the new button at the bottom of your new post area. It encodes the selected text so that it can be posted as plain text in Blogger.It will look like the Below image.

If  you want to encode some code select it and cick on 'HTML ENCODE SELECTION' button.

Finally Your code will look like as given below after being encoded.Now you can publish your post and see the result.

 That's it ! Now your post with xml source code.

Steps to Fix DOM document error in Coreldraw -XML Core

Cannot create a DOM document. Class not registered. Please ensure that MSXML4 is installed.

To resolve this issue please make sure that the msxml4.dll library is registered correctly.
  • Click on „Start -> Run“
  • Enter: regsvr32 /u msxml4.dll (this command line de-registers MSXML4.DLL)
  • Now enter: regsvr32 msxml4.dll (DLL is re-registered)
  • You should now be able to run CorelDRAWIf problem persists you will need to update/install MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 then re-register the dll libray.

You can download this through the following link directly from Microsoft:
MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (Microsoft XML Core Services)

After downloading and installing please do the following:

  1. Click on „Start -> Run“
  2. Enter: regsvr32 /u msxml4.dll (this command line de-registers MSXML4.DLL)
  3. Now enter: regsvr32 msxml4.dll (DLL is re-registered)
  4. You should now be able to run CorelDRAW

How to Fix Adobe Updater Could not be started error

This error presented itself with Adobe Photoshop CS2 (version 9.0 and 9.0.2 after updating manually.Some time it appeared in windows vista and Windows 7 after fresh installation.
Here's a screenshot of the error message

Steps to Fix Adobe Updater Could not be started error

Open the file at C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Updater\AdobeESDGlobalApps.xml in a text editor.
The contents of the file look something like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<AdobeUpdaterRegistrationManager> <Application appID="photoshop9-en_US-RET"> <DisplayName>Adobe Photoshop CS2</DisplayName> <InstallPath>C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\</InstallPath> <IsEnabled>1</IsEnabled> </Application> </AdobeUpdaterRegistrationManager>
Modify the following line


so it reads
and then save the file. You should no longer see the error message when you start up Photoshop. Note that you'll need to check the Adobe website for future updates to your Adobe products, but since the updater wasn't running anyway it wouldn't have updated itself anyway. for more information Visit link below Adobe Photoshop Help

How to send large files up to 2GB- WeTransfer

We all hit the universal email  to send files across the Internet.But it is not possible to send large files.

WeTransfer (beta) is a simple and free file transfer service that lets you send you files upto 2GB in size.it is absolutely free service.No need to register a Account. Just like your e-mail attachment.Pick the file you want to send. Enter your email and that of the recipients. Type a message and hit transfer.
WeTransfer will hold the file for 2 weeks and sends an email to your recipient with a link to download.

 There are plenty of sites to send large files across but WeTransfer.com is a cool and easy name to remember.