November 25, 2009

How To Schedule A Program To Be Run On A Specific Date / Time

Sometimes your requirement to perform a specific job might be based on running a particular program on a specific date or time, and thats when RunAsDate application will come in use ! It is a free software, which you can download and install on your system to run any program on your Windows machine on a specific date or time.

RunAsDate is an amazing utility tool that helps users to launch their programs on the specified date and time. This application works by directing the activation process of the particular program by injecting a specific date and time. This program does not tamper with the date and time settings of your system at all. With this tool, you can easily run numerous applications in a system at the same time. When this application is installed, each and every application starts to function with a different set of date and time.

This excellent software basically functions by intercepting the API calls of the system. This replaces the current date and time fed into the application with your specified date and time. You no more have to worry about launching the programs manually.

This application automatically directs all the applications to get activated in accordance with your desired time. To download this application, you don’t have to follow any installation procedure. Also, it does not require any additional DLL files or plug-ins to get activated. In order to start this program, you simply need to run its executable file on any folder and run it. Open the window of this program; browse the desired application from the list of saved applications in your system. Then select the desired date and time for their launch. When you are through with all the settings, press the button “Run”. This will prepare the RunAsDate application to direct the saved applications for their activation as per the desired schedule.

Download RunAsDate

How To Download The Movie You Just Watched Online

Did you just watch a movie or a video cip online and fell in love with it ? Wish you could download it ? You can now download the movie which you just watched using VideoCacheView, a freeware utility from NRISOFT.

Normally when you watch movies online, they are streamed and are locally stored in a temporary location called cache, on your computer. With the help of VideoCacheView you can scan the ‘cache’ of Internet Explorer as well as of Firefox, extract the movies and download them on to your system.

Download The Movie You Just Watched Online

With the help of VideoCacheView you can download movies from sites like YouTube, MegaVideo, Dailymotion, Google Video and other video sites.

You’ll need a FLV player to view the videos which you download using VideoCacheView.

Download VideoCacheView

How To Watch Full Movies On MegaVideo

If you watch a movie on Megavideo, there is a 72 minutes limit after which you’ll have to wait for an hour before you can watch the rest of the movie.

This trick has been working for me and I believe it’ll work for everyone. I watch movies on Firefox.

Trick #1:

If you do not have Firefox download it form here.

Then stream the movie completely. To stream the movie start the video and when it starts playing, pause it till the complete movie is buffered.

Then start playing the movie. When it hits 72 mins, you’ll see a message saying you’ll have to wait for another 1 hour before you can watch the rest of the movie. When this happens,

1> Click on File
Select Work Offline.
3> Ensure you are not connected to the internet. Open a new tab and try opening any website. You should not be able to.
4> Now again click on File,
5> Un-check Work Offline by clicking on it again. This will put you back online.
6> Now refresh the movie page.

This will start playing the movie again. This has always worked fine for me. Alternatively, you can download the complete movie from Megavideo.

Trick #2:

1> Stream the complete movie. Follow the steps are mentioned above.

Once the movie is streamed, use VideoCacheView a software to download video files from the web browser cache.

Download VideoCacheView

Let me know your experience.

How To Recover Data From Corrupted CD, HD-DVD, DVD, Blu-Ray

CD Recovery Toolbox is a free utility tool specially designed for recovering important files from all types of corrupted media. You can recover your files safely from corrupted storing media like CD, HD-DVD, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. Further, with the help of this application you can easily recover files in any format. This tool efficiently scans the entire storage device and saves as much information as possible. This application basically optimizes the means of algorithms to enhance the number and quality of the recovered data. The size of the recovered files can extend up to 4 GB.

It has user friendly software which can be easily operated by all the users. It involves the pathway of simple steps to recover your data. The first step is to insert your corrupted storage device in the system. Then, select the drive from where the data is to be recovered. Click Next. You will see an option to select your target folder / directory in which the recovered files would be saved. Then, CD Recovery Toolbox launches scanning measures to list the folders and files that can be recovered. You can then select the particular files or the entire folder for recovery.

With this tool, you can recover the data undergone physical damage, program errors or corrupted recording. It gives full control to the users to decide for the quantity and the quality of the recovery process. Further, this application gives you thorough details on the steps involved in the data recovery process.

[ Download CD Recovery Toolbox ]