January 18, 2010

Easy Trick to Enable or disable a device from the command line

Here is a cool trick that allows you to enable / disable a device from Windows XP from command line.
Now I am showing example to enable or disable Ethernet Card or Network Card by the help of command line. 

Step 1:Install Devcon
1.You can download Devcon Command Line Utility from Microsoft website here
2. Unpack the downloaded devcon utility file.
3. Copy \i386\devcon.exe to c:\windows\system32
4. Locate the device that you want : in the command prompt type: devcon find * 

Step2 Display all the devices in the system

In the command prompt type devcon find *> list.txt To get the list in a file.
For example, my network card Accton appears as:  c:\>devcon find *VEN_10EC
PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_1211&SUBSYS_12111113&REV_10\3&13C0B0C5&0&48: Accton EN1207D Series PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter #2

1 matching device(s) found. 

You can verify is it  unique:
Type c:\>devcon find *VEN_1113 Hit enter

PCI\VEN_1113&DEV_1211&SUBSYS_12111113&REV_10\3&13C0B0C5&0&48: Accton EN1207D Series PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter #2
1 matching device(s) found. 

You must be sure that "VEN_10EC" means a single network card.

Step 3 :How to Enable/disable the device

devcon enable *VEN_10EC
devcon disable *VEN_10EC 

This allows you to enable / disable your network card.Similar way you can try for other devices.If you find difficulty leave a comment here.
[Credit:Deri58 kioskea]

Easy Steps Remove Duplicate Records in Excel 2003 ,2007,and 2010

Generally in office 2003, the option for removing duplicate records is hidden compare to office 2007.
So Here is the Simple Steps to Remove Duplicate records from Excel 2003

Step1:Select the row or column that contains duplicate record, that you would like to remove.
Step2: Go to Data-----Filter Range--->click Advanced Range

Step3:Make sure that range is correct and check the option “unique records only“,as shown in figure. press Ok.

Now Duplicate records are removed. By using this option you can either choose replace the content option or copy unique records to a new location.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Records in MS Excel 2007
In MS Excel 2007 selection(Highlighting)of duplicate records and deletion of that record is a easy task compare to office 2003.

Step 1 :Select the columns or rows which is having duplicate records.

Step2 Go to the Data tab and under data tools, click Remove duplicates. This would remove duplicate records and cells from selected row and column.

Steps to highlight duplicate cells in Excel 2007
Select the cells which you want to highlight Click on Home tab --->Styles, Click on Conditional Formatting. Go to Highlight Cell Rules option and Click Duplicate Value.

So here you can highlight the duplicate cells or the unique cells by selecting values in styles.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Records in MS Excel 2010.
In Office 2010 MS Excel Removal of Duplicate records is too easy.The cool part is that you don’t need to select any specific row before removing the duplicate rows, the built-in Remove Duplicate feature will monitor the your content.

Step1: Select the portion of your excel table.

Step2: Go to data tab Click on remove duplicates.

Duplicate records are now removed and you will get confirmation message as shown in this figure
[ office Excel 2010 Figure Credit:http://www.addictivetips.com]

How to RemoveC:\A1\V1\try.exe Virus

It is a network-aware worm that  replicate across the existing networks.So it is identified as a malicious trojan horse or bot that may represent security risk for the compromised system and its network

Symptoms of Virus Threat.

Infection1.The following directories were created:

Infection  2. The following files were created in the system:

d)C:\Documents and Settings\%UserProfile%\update.exe

 Infection 3. Registry Modifications by threat

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{67KLN5J0-4OPM-61WE-AAX2-5657QWE232788}]StubPath = "c:\A1\V1\try.exe"
 so that try.exe runs every time Windows starts along with explorer.exe

Steps to Remove A1\V1\try.exe.
  1. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del --->Go to Process --->end Explorer.exe

  2. Go to Run by Clicking File menu in Task Manager Type CMD in run box

C:\Documents and Settings\user> Type cd\ Press Enter
C:\> Type attrib -h -r -s A1 Press Enter
C:\ A1>Type CD V1Press Enter
C:\A1\V1\> type dir to acess try.exe Directory
C:\A1\V1\> type del try.exe
C:\>Type Del A1(Repeate only this command three times until Virus gone)
Ask for delete Confirmation Press Y 
C:\>Type Del A1
Ask for delete Confirmation Press Y
C:\>Type Del A1.exe
If you got message Could not Find C:\A1 .Operation is Success Virus Should Be Gone! 

Now it is the time for deleting other dangerous created by Virus  

 a)Delete A1 Folder you can observe in C drive.If you able to find msupdate.exe in C drive you can delete that file also.

b)Delete msupdate.exe and update.exe from user C:\Documents and Settings\User

c)Delete Dialup connections Like a-connect,z-connect from Network Connection

d)Then delete the registry created by Virus.If you find difficulty you can use registry cleaners like Glary Utilities, or CCleaners etc.

If you find difficulty leave a comment or contact us.I will deffinately help you to resolve your issue.