May 29, 2009

Microsoft Excell 2007 Tutorial

Welcome to Microsoft Excel 2007!

There are several applications in the Microsoft Office suite, but some could argue that the most powerful and important one to the business world is Microsoft Excel. Many power users of Excel have been able to leverage their Excel knowledge into an impressive career path.

Microsoft significantly redesigned the user interface in all of the Office 2007 applications with a new "ribbon" interface - burying the classic menu and toolbar navigation. Microsoft Excel 2007 has many new features designed to increase your productivity and help you more easily create powerful spreadsheets.

This Free Microsoft Excel 2007 course teaches you how to use the new interface and walks you through creating a family budget spreadsheet. 

Author Jeremy Reis teaches you how to enter data, format cells, use formulas, setup conditional formatting, and more. You will learn a solid foundation for using Microsoft Excel 2007.

At the end of this free course, you will have a powerful spreadsheet you can use as a family budget.

For Tutorial Click Here


Microsoft Windows Vista tutorial-Learn vista online in 2 days

Microsoft introduced Windows Vista to much fanfare. It represents an evolution from Windows XP Professional and includes many new features and system requirements. With those new features comes some new complexity - and combined with Microsoft Office 2007 - a new understanding of how everything works together. Vista is the biggest change in the GUI in years and learning some of the time saving techniques will help you be more productive with the new Operating System.
This is the Microsoft Foundations training course covering topics such as:
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Windows Aero Interface
  • Using Windows Vista
  • Sharing Files in Windows Vista
  • Networking and Windows Vista
  • New Security Features in Vista
  • Internet Explorer 7 and Other Browsers
Enjoy this free Vista tutorial!