December 7, 2009

Use Tabs in Windows Explorer like in mozilla Firefox.

Tabs have made the way of surfing the Internet a lot easier. Using tabs in the browsers have eased up the trouble faced when switching between all the windows opened. Tabs are really the need of today that prevents from cluttering the desktop with lots of windows.

Using Tabs in the internet browsers like Firefox, Opera, IE7 and Chrome etc have made me feel the need of tabs in the Windows Explorer as well and I think there are many others like me who can’t live without tabbed browsing in the explorer.

Here is a way with which we can add tabs to the Windows Explorer, for example we can create one tab that contains all Windows Explorer folders, one for Internet and one for some other application.

Method 1:
QT TabBar

QTTabBar is an Add-In that gives Tab Browsing Feature to your Explorer. Just download and run this tool, and after that the computer needs to be restarted and you need to activate the toolbar in the View -> Toolbars menu.
Now every time you click on a new folder, it will be opened in a new tab. isn’t it cool?
Download QT TabBar

Method 2:
Window Tabifier

This program allows us to host several open Windows in one parent window so that you can easily access and navigate between them, as well as clean up space in the taskbar. This will allow us to group similar Windows together, easily navigate between them and clean up space in the taskbar.
Download Window Tabifier

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