December 7, 2009

Copy Files with Pause and Resume Feature in Windows

You can copy files from one location to another with Pause feature that is now you can pause your copy paste and resume at your will. What’s more is that you can also increase the speed of the copy paste. Isn’t it cool?

Total Copy is a great tool that enables you to copy paste files which can be paused and resume in between along with the increased copy speed.

  • Pause / Resuming: At any time you may pause the copy-process, and continue later.
  • Auto-pause on any error : If you run out of disk space, the
    goes down or some other error occur, copying is automatically paused, and you may resume when the error is sorted out.
  • Resuming on power failure: If the computer is turned off during the copy process (ex. power-loss or system-crash), Total Copy let’s you resume when you restart.
  • Speed limit : Slows down the copy process, and frees resources to other tasks
  • Faster than Windows : Copies slightly faster than Windows (approx. 10% locally, and 1% on network)
  • Small improvements: Shows copy-speed, a percent-bar and Kbytes remaining.
  • Does not modify Windows’ own copy-function : This program will not alter the existing windows-copy-function
How to use:
Just drag the files using the right mouse button; you will get a menu like the one shown and select “Total Copy here” instead of Windows “Copy here”.


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