December 7, 2009

Software to unblock websites

This is an alternative method other than as i explained in my previous posts to unblock any website. This trick uses a software Jonodo. Click to download. Note - You will need JAVA Runtime to run JAP. Click to download.
JAP or Jondo is software application that allows you to surf the web without being observed. JAP has to be installed on the user’s computer to allow him to surf the web anonymously and without being observed

  • Now that you have downloaded the software, install the program on the computer from where you want to surf the blocked websites.
  • Now open the program and choose Assistant.
  • Opening assistant will give you instructions to set up the application for your desired browser.
  • Note -Firefox users should set up a new profile because for the profile with which you will set up this application, would only work when this application works. Making a new profile would allow you to surf with other profile normally when this application is not in use.
  • Once you have configured your browser choose in services dropdown, Free Services option on the next window.
  • Once you choose your desired service, wait till it connects.
  • Once you see the signal, start browsing on the browser you configured with Jondo.
  • Done!

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