January 21, 2010

Steps to Upgrade Office 2007 to Office 2010

The recently released Office 2010 beta provides an sweet option to upgrade your existing version of Office 2007 to Office 2010.You can either upgarde or go for fresh installation.And also Customize option is provides a neat option to set your current version of Microsoft Office along with Office 2010 Beta.

Step1: Run the set up file from the Office 2010 installation CD or the exe file 

Step2:Accept the terms of the license agreement and click continue.

Step3:In this step you will have two options, one to upgrade the current version or to customize the install. If you select Upgrade from this option, then your older version of Office will be replaced with the new Office 2010 beta.

Selecting Customize allows you to set your current version of Microsoft Office to coexist with Office 2010 Beta.

Step4:Click on install with the option selected by you. Office 2010 Beta software will no longer function after October 31, 2010, If you had selected Upgrade to Office 2010 Beta directly instead of Customize to set the Beta to co-exist with your original Microsoft Office version during installation, you will need to manually reinstall your old version of MS-Word after beta expires.


  1. I am using office 2007 for last one year and now i am thinking about to move office 2010. You have solved my problem. I 'll try to upgrade my office 2007 today. You have saved my time. Thanks for such a valuable info buddy.

  2. thanks for your valuable input.you may contact me for any issue in the future