January 20, 2010

Tips to Create Windows 7 Univarsal Disk-Remove Versions

Generally in Windows XP there are several editions in market like home edition,student edition,professional edition etc.Some time installation is frustrating for users due to different version of installation disc.Microsoft fixed this issue in windows vista by offering single disc to all versions of vista operating system.


But in Windows 7 Microsoft again revert back old system i.e different discs to different versions of windows like home,business,Ultimate.So we can overcome this issue by editing or removing ei.cfg file.

After removing ei.cfg file we can able to seen list of all versions of windows7 during installation in a single disk,(just like windows vista),So we can directly select and install which verison of windows is we need at present.

To edit ei.cfg file there is special tool,by which we can easily edit or remove ei.cfg file and repack the iso image.Now you can burn this Windows 7 Universal iso image to disk,to proceed.
Download ei.cfg Removal Utility

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