January 26, 2010

How to Hide Your HardDisk Drives- Cool Trick

When you need to secure your important data from unauthorized users ,there are many choice like hide the folder,protect the folder using other softwares much more. But hidden files easily available when user enabled view hidden file options in Folder settings.If you want to use folder security software,many of them are shareware.So By this Trick you can easily hide your valuable documents,drives without any Registry Edit.
Steps to Hide  Your HardDisk Drives
1. Log in as Administrator
2. Click on Start button then click on Run > Type CMD
3.Now type diskpart at the command prompt and wait for 5 seconds to appear diskpart> utility.
4.To show the list of volume, type list volume.This command will show you all system drives detail.
5.Now Select the volume that you want to hide for example-
If you want to hide E drive then first type select volume 2 (in this case) and hit enter butto

6.After selecting volume, type Remove letter E (in this case) to hide F drive.
7. DONE. Now you hide your drive successfully..to verify go to My Computer and check drives
8.But next time, when you want to unhidden the F drive, just type assign letter F command afterloading volume 2.

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