January 28, 2010

New Revolution in Tablet PC-Apple Tablet

Now it’s official that Apple Tablet official name is i Pad.Which is officially released in US. so now it is available in US market,Indian peoples must wait for certain time to enjoy iPad touch and feel.According to apple it may cost about $400-$450.

What is Apple iPad? 

 It’s Apple tablet PC. I feel iPad is a hybrid version of trio ( iPhone, iTouch and Notebook ) in compact version.

iPad can be used just like your PC  for features like browsing, playing music, playing games ,reading books, movies but the only big difference is you will not be able to make calls.

One of the fabulous feature of iPad is iBook which is an eBook reader and apple is setting up a library from where you can buy books. This new feature might give a close competition to Amazon Kindle.

Here is Some Official Screen shots of Apple i-Pad 



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