January 25, 2010

5 Free Ways to Capture Website Screenshot

So here are 10 most useful and free methods to take screenshots of websites or of a single webpage. These tools will only capture webpage as picture rather than just frame of any webpage.

Thumbalizr.com is website to capture thumbnails of websites or webpage ONLINE. With this website, you just have to put the URL of any website and you will be able to take picture of any website or webpage Online and easily.

This website also allows you to make thumbnails of a website for free in different widths and heights. You just have to enter the URL of website to get that thumbnail of that webpage for free.


Webshot is another best software to take the snapshot of any website for your blogs or for otherpurposes. You can capture the screenshot of a website or whole website with this application.One of best feature is the automatic capturing of webpages.I4X Screencatcher

Save as image
Save as image is a plugin developed for Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser to capture the fullscreenshot of a webpage for free. Its easy to use as you just need to press the ICON from placedon Firefox.

ieSnapshotter is a Plugin for Internet Explorer to caputre the screen shots of a website.
ieSnapshotter allows you to caputre the thumbnails or screenshots of a website easily usingMicrosoft Internet Explorer.

I think our sweet blog readers will take advantage of these free online screen-shot making websites.We love comments. Please leave your feedback.

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