December 31, 2009

Jaws PDF Creator 4.0 For Mac-gDoc

Jaws PDF Creator provides an affordable and reliable means of creating PDF files from virtually any document in any application. Using Jaws PDF Creator, businesses are able to easily create electronic documents that can be shared across a wide range of hardware and software.

Jaws PDF Creator can be used in several modes. It is seen as a printer in the Windows or Macintosh Printing System allowing users to 'print' to a PDF file directly from any application and it also appears as an icon on the desktop allowing drag-and-drop conversion of any PostScript� or EPS file directly to PDF. For Windows users, a toolbar icon installs in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, allowing any business user to easily create PDF files. The toolbar icons can also be used to retain document structures such as bookmarks and hyperlinks from the original document.

Download for Mac OS

Jaws PDF Creator offers full control over PDF configuration settings and allows users to pre-define PDF configuration settings which can be selected at the point of PDF generation.

Download for Windows


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