December 31, 2009

How to check BSNL BroadBand Usage

If you’re using BSNL Broadband services here in India, you might be wondering how you can check your BSNL Broadband Usage. It’s quite easy, but a lot of people seem to be not knowing where they should go to check their BSNL Broadband Usage. Here are a few methods to monitor your bandwidth usage:

Steps check your broadband
Portal id :draXXXXXXXX (Your portal ID provided by BSNL)
Password :**************(Your password provided by BSNL)
Then visit this site

Enter your username(portal id) and password Hit Enter to login Then click on my prepaid connections ,select the Service name as Broadband,Account Number and select the month.

It will display the complete details of your broadband usage and also you can export these usage page to Excel for your future use.

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