December 31, 2009

How to Copy scratched CD/DVD Using Copy Cat

There is common problem after certain period, CD or DVD are highly prone to scratches if we do not care them. There is very hard to get data back from CD or DVD. Yesterday, i have my backup CD of projects. This seems like impossible to get data.

The software named as Copy Cat 2.0.,it is freeware app actually skip the bytes which are not readable from file and copy all other bytes therefore it extracts max data which is normally not done by windows copy operation. Copy Cat can be helpful at times when you want to copy a CD or DVD which is scratched,when you want to copy data from harddisk area which is partially not readable.

Another an excellent feature about copy cat. It's also worked with floppy although it is not commonly used . But peoples usually have backup in Floppy Disc. So, it's also works with the same method of skip the unreadable byte on it.
Features of CopyCat

  • It even tries to copy a highly damaged media byte by byte
  • It gives you the option to skip the bytes if bad area found
  • It is a very fast data recovery tool
  • It also tries to copy damaged files on your hard disk
  • Unlike Windows copy operation it does not stop the copy if bad area found

Download Copy Cat

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