December 1, 2009

How to send exe and other files through Email-Fix

There are occasions when we wish to send to our friend some cool software or any application via email but the email scanners don’t allow us to do that.

This is right on one part to disallow anyone to send virus which are exe files through email but it is of no use to people who have no intention of sending the viruses through the mail.

So here are the steps if you wish to send the executable files through the email like Gmail.


1. The best way to do that use online file storage like Rapidshare or MegaUpload and send the link to the friend.

2. Or you can try just renaming the file extension from exe to some other like jpg, doc or txt and ask your friend on other side to rename it back to the exe. This will fool the email scanner and the file can be sent.

To rename just go to the folder options -> view tab -> uncheck the option of Hide extensions, this will display the file extensions so that you can easily rename the files.

3. You can also compress the exe files into a zip or rar archive and rename the archive from zip or rar to some other (Note: Gmail scanner can scan the zip archive as well, so renaming zip to other extension is necessary).

P.S.: sending exe files even while renaming violates the mail policies.

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