December 1, 2009

How to Disable Error Reporting in Windows XP

Does Word keep crashing your computer
every other day and then have the nerve to ask you to send an error report to microsoft every single time, which doesn’t seem to help with your problem!? I personally find the Error Report dialog to be a pain and therefore have disabled it. Half the time, it’s not even a Microsoft product that is crashing, so what is microsoft going to be about it? It’s either poorly written software or some other issue like a messed up registry, etc.

Here’s how to turn off the error reporting popup box when a program crashes:

1. Right click on My Computer and go to Properties.

2. Next, on the System Properties dialog, click on the Advanced tab.

3. Click on the Error Reporting button at the bottom right. Choose the Disable error reporting option and make sure “But notify me when critical errors occur“.

This ensures that you’ll be notified if something serious happens, but otherwise the daily crash of IE or Word or whatever app is not going to be bothering you with a useless Send to Microsoft popup!

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