December 29, 2009

How to Get Alerts When Your Websites Are Down – Pingdom

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Pingdom is Very Popular service that will monitor your websites from different locations in the world and the service will follow up your site status continuously and instantly send you an alert if one of your site goes down or becomes inaccessible from any of these monitoring locations.

Get Alerts via Email, SMS,
In addition to the regular email and SMS text based alerts, Pingdom can also send you tweets to inform the downtime of your website instantly.

They have a free iPhone App (with push notifications) and a Windows notifier so you’ll come to know of your site’s downtime even if the mail client is not running on your desktop.

Pingdom Pro Accounts – Giveaway

I have been using the free version of Pingdom for more than a 6month now, along with a couple of other website monitoring tools, and it has almost always been accurate in reporting the downtime (as well as uptime) of my site.

Pingdom also offers a free account that lets you monitor one website and includes 20 SMS alerts. you have to upgrade to a Pro account and that costs around $10 per month.

We have some 20 discount codes that will get you one-year of Pingdom Pro at 100% discount. In case you would like to have one, fill this Google form and if you are lucky, you’ll get the code via email.

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