November 11, 2009

Windows 7 Login Screen for Windows XP

You wish really login screen which look like login screen at Windows 7? You must try “Windows 7 Default Login” from This login screen just only for Windows XP user.Interest!! Download this file now. To install this login screen is easy and have available readme file that containing the way to install this login screen.

How to setup this logon Screen
  • Navigate to “\WINDOWS\Resources” and create folder with name Logon
  • Navigate to WideScreen or Normal Screen and copy the file “logonUI.exe” to Logon Folder
  • double click file “setup.reg”, click in Yes and Ok and Log off. To restore Windows XP Default’s logon click restore.reg.
you can also use third party software to install this login screen like tune-up utilities, style Xp or other.

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