November 13, 2009

Reset Administrator’s Password in Windows XP

If you have forgotten your Administrator’s password in Windows XP, then no need to worry about it as I am sharing a quick and easy method to reset it with you today. It is a common problem for all of us and not a serious case. Just follow the steps given below :

  1. Start your computer. When logon screen appears, press ctrl+alt+delete

  2. Now type as given below :
    User name : administrator
    Password :

    Keep password section as blank, don't type anything in it.

  3. Your computer will start now.

  4. To reset your forgotten password, Open registry editor (Press windows button + R to open it ).

  5. When registry editor opens, type cmd and press enter.

  6. Now type as given below :
    net[space]user[space]your user name[space]new password
    and press enter.
That’s it. If you face any problem, Please leave a comment here.

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