November 13, 2009

Optimize Firefox using SpeedyFox

Mozilla Firefox is amongst the most popular browser in the world as because it support addon and various 3rd party themes. But sometime Firefox takes more time to start and even it crash, this happens as the passage of time. SpeedyFox is a utility that helps in fixing the slowdown of Mozilla Firefox, it helps you to optimize your Firefox in single click.

After Optimizing Mozilla Firefox with SpeedyFox Firefox startup and slow navigation problem will be fixed. SpeedyFox is just of 1.5 MB and after the installation it can automatically detects the Firefox default profile. All you need to do is select the profile you want to optimize from the profile drop-down menu and hit Speed Up My Firefox button.

The optimization process will take minutes to complete. You can download SpeedyFox to optimize your Firefox from Here Portable Speedyfox

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