January 12, 2010

Share your Printer in Network Easily with PrintShare

Are you feeling burden with specifics of printer network sharing, complex settings and figuring out windows access rights. Try Printshare.

Unique Features of Printshare.

1. With PrinterShare® we can share your printer in less than a minute and let
other people connected to the Internet  in a local network.

2. Print share automatically detects printers connected to your computer including local network printers.

3. You can stop sharing one or any number of shared printers at any time.sharing printers is, simple, easy to understand and control. As an owner of the printer user may wish to confirm every print job before physically printing it on the paper.

4. User can easily identify from which computer the document came from and have an option to accept or reject it.

5. Works like a Fax -PrinterShare® provides the point-to-point immediate document delivery. However, unlike fax it does not have quality issues (the documents are delivered digitally without any data or quality loss).So we can send large documents or graphics in second.

6.Supports Windows,Mac,And also Mobile Devices

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