January 13, 2010

How Prevent users from writing to USB drives

Now a days USB drives are extremely useful and easy to use!  Just plug it in to pc and backup your documents, files,movies,songs. When other user is in your computer they may try to steal your stuff.So to prevent this you have to disable USB Writing in your PC

Here is the Trick to modify USB write and execution sequences by manipulating “Registry Library”.By this you can actually stop other users from stealing stuff in your computer! 

Step1. Go to “Start >>Click  Run >> Type: Regedit”.

Step 2.In the registry window, just scroll down and look for this directory with the following key.


Step4. Click on Start presint inside the registry editor
Now you have to modify “Start”(as shown below),change the ‘value data’ from 3 to 4 . After the modification, click ‘OK’ and exit the Registry Editor.

“Start”=dword:00000003 (default)
“Start”=dword:00000004 (modified)

Step4. Click Ok......Restart the PC -Have fun and protect your computer from nastiest!

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