November 25, 2009

How To Schedule A Program To Be Run On A Specific Date / Time

Sometimes your requirement to perform a specific job might be based on running a particular program on a specific date or time, and thats when RunAsDate application will come in use ! It is a free software, which you can download and install on your system to run any program on your Windows machine on a specific date or time.

RunAsDate is an amazing utility tool that helps users to launch their programs on the specified date and time. This application works by directing the activation process of the particular program by injecting a specific date and time. This program does not tamper with the date and time settings of your system at all. With this tool, you can easily run numerous applications in a system at the same time. When this application is installed, each and every application starts to function with a different set of date and time.

This excellent software basically functions by intercepting the API calls of the system. This replaces the current date and time fed into the application with your specified date and time. You no more have to worry about launching the programs manually.

This application automatically directs all the applications to get activated in accordance with your desired time. To download this application, you don’t have to follow any installation procedure. Also, it does not require any additional DLL files or plug-ins to get activated. In order to start this program, you simply need to run its executable file on any folder and run it. Open the window of this program; browse the desired application from the list of saved applications in your system. Then select the desired date and time for their launch. When you are through with all the settings, press the button “Run”. This will prepare the RunAsDate application to direct the saved applications for their activation as per the desired schedule.

Download RunAsDate

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