November 25, 2009

How To Recover Data From Corrupted CD, HD-DVD, DVD, Blu-Ray

CD Recovery Toolbox is a free utility tool specially designed for recovering important files from all types of corrupted media. You can recover your files safely from corrupted storing media like CD, HD-DVD, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. Further, with the help of this application you can easily recover files in any format. This tool efficiently scans the entire storage device and saves as much information as possible. This application basically optimizes the means of algorithms to enhance the number and quality of the recovered data. The size of the recovered files can extend up to 4 GB.

It has user friendly software which can be easily operated by all the users. It involves the pathway of simple steps to recover your data. The first step is to insert your corrupted storage device in the system. Then, select the drive from where the data is to be recovered. Click Next. You will see an option to select your target folder / directory in which the recovered files would be saved. Then, CD Recovery Toolbox launches scanning measures to list the folders and files that can be recovered. You can then select the particular files or the entire folder for recovery.

With this tool, you can recover the data undergone physical damage, program errors or corrupted recording. It gives full control to the users to decide for the quantity and the quality of the recovery process. Further, this application gives you thorough details on the steps involved in the data recovery process.

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