December 12, 2009

Steps to remove Temp.exe Virus

If your computer has the temp.exe process on it, your computer could be infected with a trojan known as 'litmus.203'.

temp.exe is considered to be a security risk, not only because antivirus programs flag litmus.203 trojan as a trojan, but also because other sites consider it a Trojan as well.

The file "temp.exe" is known to be created under the following filenames:


The following threats are known to be associated with the file "temp.exe":

Trojan Horse

Removal Method


1)Update your current Antivirus Database
2)Restart the PC
3)Scan your PC thoroughly
4)Delete Detected Virus
5) Finally Run CCcleaner or Any other Registry cleaner to restore back your default registry and delete invalid registry entries.

Suggested Antivirus : Threatfire Antivirus (you can use free version of this antivirus)

ThreatFire is dramatically different to traditional antivirus software. Normal antivirus products usually need to have first identified and seen a threat before they can provide adequate protection against it. The protection is then provided via a signature or fingerprint update, which must first be written by an antivirus researcher. This creates a large window of time where threats are undetected and can therefore infect your PC even when you have antivirus software installed.


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