December 12, 2009

Share your Files with Friends without uploading anything -Opera Unite

Opera Unite is a new technology platform allowing you to share content directly with friends without having to upload anything to a Web site. You can stream music, show photo galleries, share files and folders or even host your own Web pages directly from your browser.

Photo sharing

With the Photo Sharing application there is no need to compress or upload your pictures anywhere. Make Web galleries for your photos instantly with complete access control.

File Sharing

Share files directly from your computer easily and safely.

The Opera Unite File Sharing service is simply the easiest way to share files from your computer. There is no need to worry about attaching loads of files to e-mails, or about single files being too large to send by e-mail. You don't have to sign up for third-party file sending applications, or set up an FTP service. All you need to do is send your friends the unique URL and they can instantly see your files. As we said. Simple.

Media player

Access your music library from anywhere, anytime and play music right from the Web browser. Or, direct your music through your favorite media player.

Download OperaVersion 10.10

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