December 5, 2009

Steps to connect SATA Hard Drives to your old Computer

IDE to SATA Converter
IDE To SATA Ultra ATA 100/133 Converter Adaptor.Make your old IDE MotherBoard use SATA Device

What is IDE to SATA Converter?

IDE Interface (Parallel ATA) to next generation SATA (Serial ATA) converter turns your OLD IDE motherboard into NEW Serial ATA (SATA) host Plug directly into your motherboard's IDE port, this device converts the IDE signals into Serial ATA ones to allow the use of Serial ATA hard disk drives (if your HDD is SATA).

Type 1.

Type 2

Type 3


This card supports the Serial ATA (Generation 1) transfer rate of 1.5Gb/s (150MB/s)
48 bits LBA. Support large hard drives of 137 GB or larger with one partition
Plug and Play, no drivers required
Compatible with any OS (Windows, DOS, Mac, Linux, UNIX) that supports IDE storage devices Package include 1 x IDE to SATA Converter, 1 x Power Lead, 1 x SATA Cable

You can purchase from your nearer sales centre

Or you can purchase from Radiff shopping

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