December 5, 2009

Skip RapidShare Download Limits & Waiting Timer

Everyone seems to be downloading more from rapidshare and less from other download services like Megashare, Megaupload etc and this is because its one of the best service which offers two modes – one free and second one paid in which you dont have to wait for downloading your files and you get the speedy servers
which would allow you to download the files quickly.

Now while you need to download a small bunch of files iam sure you wont be interested in buying a new paid account which is why iam going to tell you a small trick which would allow you to skip the rapidshare timer and also the download limits.

There are many programs which work as Rapidshare download managers but this one seems to be the best one because it allows you to download multiple files at once from Rapidshare.

Basically it uses multiple proxy servers and starts downloading the files and works with both & hosted files.

You dont have to pay anything for the software because its totally free and since its a download manager in itself, you dont have to load links one by one and start downloading multiple files at once. So dont start searching for any other tool and grab the grabber now

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