December 30, 2009

New Bluetooth 3.0 Released with speed improvement

This new release is faster, safer and backward compatible. With this announcement from Bluetooth SIG, consumer electronics and device manufacturers can now build their application according to Bluetooth 3.0 specification. Here is a synopsis of features this new version is going to provide, taken from SIG press release.

Special Cool Features of Bluetooth 3.0

1.Bluetooth 3.0 gets its speed from the 802.11 radio protocol. The inclusion of the 802.11 Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL) provides increased throughput of data transfers at the approximate rate of 24 Mbps. In addition, mobile devices including Bluetooth 3.0 will realize increased power savings due to enhanced power control built in.
2.This newest version of Bluetooth technology builds on the inherent qualities of the current 2.1 EDR version, including Simple Secure Pairing and built-in, automatic security. And as with all versions of the Bluetooth specification, Bluetooth 3.0 HS provides developers, manufacturers and consumers with the benefit of backwards compatibility, enabling both the expansion and enhancement of this technology with every new specification release.

3.Looks like this new version is primarily aimed at speed improvements, as their application area includes bulk transfer of videos, music and photos between user’s devices and the trusted devices of others, without the need for cables and wires. And what about those devices for general availability? It is expected to see consumer products in the market in 9 to 12 months.

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