December 21, 2009

How to Integrate Amazon Associates in Blogger

Blogger announced the integration of Amazon associates to blogger Monetize tab and Blogger Post editor. As described by the blogger Buzz , this new feature allows you to search and add amazon links and pictures to your post directly.To enable this new feature to your blogger blog you need to first go to your Monetize tab of your blog and click on amazon associates. you would be asked to add your id and enable Product Finder.


Now you have enabled the feature to your blogger post.

 To use this feature,While creating a new post, you will see a amazon associates widget on the right side, from there search for interested product and insert a link to the product, an image of the product, or an iframe containing the image, price details and a “buy it now” button. Every link that’s created contains your unique Associates ID, ensuring that Amazon will credit you for any purchases that result from readers clicking the link on your blog.

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