December 22, 2009

4+Sites to search and find people for free

Trying to get some information about someone you know off the Internet? Looking for someone’s email address, phone number, home address, etc? Sometimes trying to find this information, even if it is on the Internet, can be really hard to get.

Why? Well because there are tons of people always searching for other people and companies want to make money off all of this searching.

It’s just a matter of looking at the right places. In this article, I will list out 5 sites that I have used a lot and that have consistently given me accurate information about the people I am searching for.

ZabaSearch Very good free people search engine. It is able to find the information on a large number of people, including those that had recently moved, etc.

Also, the information is very accurate and complete. Sometimes when you search for someone with a common name like Tom Smith, you’ll finds thousands of results. To find the right entry usually means you need a good deal of information.

ZabaSearch provides historical address information, so if you know someone lived in Austin and then moved to New York, you’ll be able to see that in the search results.

It also gives useful information like home address, birth date, phone number and the ability to contact the person by email.

2. Spock

Another is Spock, a very good people search engine. What I like about Spock is that you can get more information about a person’s footprint on the Internet, rather than basic details like phone numbers and addresses.
If you want to learn about what kind of person he/she is, like their political views, preferences, etc, then Spock is the search engine to use.

Basically when you perform a search in Spock, you get information about the person from blogs, Wikipedia articles, photo sharing sites, social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn), social bookmarking sites, and more.

Using Spock, you might be able to learn what kind of job the person has and who their friends are. Fun stuff!

3. Yasni

Yasni is another people search engine like Spock, it’s meant to give you a picture of the person on the Internet. If you want physical details, like addresses, ZabaSearch is the best.

I personally like to use Spock and Yasni because sometimes one will catch something that the other site missed.
The other cool thing about Yasni is that you can setup a monitor, which will send you emails if that name is mentioned on the Internet. You can also use Google Alerts for this, but it’s always better to have more information.

4. Pipl

Pipl is a popular and comprehensive search engine that pulls together a lot of information from the Internet to give you a complete picture of a person.

Basically, Pipl uses the principle of a “deep web search” to find all kinds of information about someone, from their address and contact info to any publications they have ever posted to the Internet.

What I like about Pipl is that it found all of my addresses, my phone numbers, my email address, my blogs, my online profiles, my actual picture, and my documents that I had uploaded.

5. 123People

The last people search engine I like to use sometimes is 123people. It’s good because it shows pictures of people, so you can quickly filter out all the wrong people and get the information on the person you are searching for.

It also lists out all the email addresses it can find, so you can quickly see which ones might be right or wrong. Other than that, it pulls the same info from social networking sites, etc that all the rest do.
Trying to search for someone on the Internet is a time consuming and frustrating task. If the person doesn’t use a computer much, it’s almost impossible to find out about them through any kind of online search engine.

Hopefully, these 5 sites will help you in finding the information you need! Enjoy!

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