December 17, 2009

How to Compress ISO and UIF image.-Magic ISO

This guide will explain how you can compress .ISO files to .UIF files using MagicISO. A Universal Image Format(UIF) image is a powerful compression image file format for backuping CD's and DVD's. This image format is mostly used because it can reduce the file size of an image file and because it can password protect image files very simply.

You can download a free trial of 'MagicISO' here in this free trial you can only save image files upto 300mb, if you have a file larger then that you wish to decompress you can buy the full version (which can safe files upto 10GB). In this guide we will explain how you can compress an ISO file to an UIF file with and without password encryption.

Since MagicISO version 5.3.199 and later supports compressing iso image, you can save your disk space when backuping your CD/DVD.

1. Run MagicISO

2. Click Menu "Tools"->"Compress CD/DVD image ..."

3. Enter source file name

4. Enter compressed file name.

5. If you want to encrypt and protect image file, please enable password protection, and enter password.

6. Click "Compress" button to start compressing progress.

Official Site:

Download Link Via Magiciso



5.5(build 276)


Download Site 1

Download Site 2

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