December 3, 2009

Easily Record Troubleshooting Steps In Windows 7

If you have ever called for or been on the receiving end of a tech support issue, the most essential information you can have is a walk through on how to produce the issue at hand. Rather than typing them out by hand or trying to walk someone through it over the phone, Windows 7 has a nifty tool called the Problem Steps Recorder you can use.

Click Start, type PSR.EXE and press ENTER. This starts the Problem Steps Recorder.

Click the Start Record button and continue the steps to reproduce the problem/error. You can also add comments then and there, by clicking the Add Comment button. Once done, click the Stop Record button. Mention the output file name and save the file.

The output is an MHT (Internet Explorer all in one file) with details and screenshots of the actions the user performed. You can then send this file off to whomever needs it and they instantly have the steps to reproduce.

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