December 26, 2009

5 steps to Keep Laptop bettery charge for a long period

you should be careful while using laptop and want to know how to utilize the Laptop battery charge in a better and efficient way. So the important points you need to remember to retain the Laptop battery charge for long are:

1. Turn off Wireless and Blue-tooth 
 If the Wi-Fi button is on ,it will take additional power to scan available wireless networks present in that area. If it fails to find any wireless network it will not stop the process and continually scan for the wireless networks. This process will reduce the battery charge. The story is same for Blue-tooth too. So it is better turn off the wireless button on your laptop.  

2. Avoid playing computer games
It is better avoid playing games on your Laptop to keep the battery charge for long. Playing games on your Laptop drain laptop batteries.  

3. Reduce the Laptop Speaker Volume and don't play any movies  

4. Reduce screen brightness

5. Avoid using external devices like external mouse, DVD drive,USB adapters etc  

6. Avoid using multimedia application on your Laptop

So the tips written above might be very silly for you but I am sure most of us won't care the simple things in their life.

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