November 21, 2009

How to Encrypt or Password Protect Pendrive

USB Drives are the easiest way to carry data from one location to another but their security is something that concerns most users today. Though few variants come with the default feature of password security but for others there are many tools available.

I did write about TrueCrypt but it is somewhat difficult to use for the users who do not have much knowledge of computers, so for them here is another simple tool called USB Flash Security.

Using USB Flash Security is very easy as we just need to install it and enter our favorite password to encrypt our drive. This tool is so much powerful that after encrypting the drive you will see only 2 files in it “Autorun.inf” and “UsbEnter.exe”. To gain access to the drive for storing data, double click UsbEnter.exe, enter password and click OK.

Note: The encrypted drive displays the free space of drive in KBs which is not the fact in reality.

Download USB Flash Security

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