January 6, 2010

Free Online scientific calculator-Calcoolate

Calcoolate lets you use a virtual scientific calculator online. This online tool is very cool you can directly input mathematical commands from the keyboard. The tool looks very pretty there are no digits, just a handful of buttons for mathematical functions like sin, cos, tan, log etc.

If there’s an error in your input,this online calculator automatically highlights it in red.

If you want to calculate 115+24,  just type 115+24 and press =.  It shows the result just like your normal calculator and your calculations are saved in the history. You can also assign a name to each of your calculations. Later on, if you want to use them in other calculations, you can use them by their names. Like, if you assign the above result a name “B”, you can later do calculations by directly using the keyword, for example: B+40, B*40etc.

Your all calculations are saved in the history. You can modify or delete them anytime you like. Anyway calcoolate is as sweet as chocolate,so don't forget to check this pretty calculator.

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