December 11, 2009

New Samsung bada OS for Mobile-Released in UK

Samsung have announced the badaOS for their mobile phones. It will be a replacement to the Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms. The name “bada” is derived from a Korean word signifying “ocean”. The name was chosen as it represents the endless possibilities with the OS.

Samsung bada is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices.
Right now no further information on the platform is available. Sasmung only gives us a sneak peek and slight info at an official site.

The official announcement should be in December when Samsung will officially launch the OS along with the SDK.
Samsung's new mobile internet-based handset operating system (OS) has been officially released in the UK.

The manufacturer has launched the development kit for the open source platform, which will enable consumers around the world to create applications for the OS.

Known as bada, which means ocean in Korean, the technology will allow developers to make mobile internet apps which utilise handset functions like making calls, sending text messages and access contacts lists.

Dr Hosoo Lee, the company's executive vice president and head of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics, remarked that the OS could help it to become "a true leader in the mobile industry".

He added: "Samsung bada presents a powerful opportunity for developers to get their applications onto an unprecedented number of Samsung devices across the world."

His comments come after Justin Hong, president of engineering for the platform, told TechRadar that the exclusively touchscreen-based technology will support both multi-point and single-point contact.

How popular will bada be?

Here’s the link to the official site

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